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Commitment to Sustainability

At We, the core of our business model aims to have a positive impact on our environment. We use innovation to enhance the management of water resources, promote responsible consumption and production, and to foster a commitment with the community.

Our performance and growth projection are based on ESG criteria, focusing on environmental, social and governance impact, and corporate governance, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN’s General Assembly in relation to water, innovation, and communities.

Responsible consumption and production

We promote a productive industry with a balanced and beneficial relationship with its environment.

Using technology, we promote efficient management and use of water and other natural resources, since we believe they are essential to develop a sustainable society where everybody can access this resource while protecting its availability on the planet.

Looking after the water ecosystem is essential for life, which is why water management has become a requirement for the industry. Our commitment is to become allies in this transition.

Over the last 10 years, in Chile as well as the world, water scarcity and drought events have grown more evident, hitting the rural sector severely and impacting the availability of water for both human consumption and agricultural irrigation.

In light of this situation, already present in the life of many families, We Techs has taken this great opportunity to improve the availability of water for home consumption and contribute to raise awareness of water use through technology.

Currently, We Techs is working with 83 communities, 32, 238 households, and 138,623 people. This has led to a 4% increase in the continuity of the water availability between January 2020 and January 2022. Additionally, there has been a 51% drop in the average number of emptying per tank, equivalent to a decrease of half the number of water outages per year. Furthermore, power consumption has reduced by 23%, reducing electricity bills by almost one fourth. Finally, there has been an increase of 17% in water coverage, allowing the systems to be better prepared to meet their water demand.

Innovating means daring to drive changes and seek and find new solutions in the attempt to solve a problem.

The great innovation has been to put technology at the disposal of one of the most complex problems that we have been facing in recent years: improving the availability and access to water.

Transparency in the use of natural resources is an essential condition to enable the proper management of resources that will lead to sustainable development. At We Techs, we comply with water use regulations, reporting to organizations such as the General Water Directorate and the Superintendence of the Environment.

Corporation B

In July 2023 we were certified as a B Company and became part of a community that shares the vision of doing business that has a positive impact on the environment, meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.