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Our platforms provide accurate real-time data, which enable our clients to make better decisions and run an operation with a positive impact.



Our platforms provide accurate real-time data, which enable our clients to make better decisions and run an operation with a positive impact.







we app monitoring

The starting point for operational efficiency

At the core of our innovation, it serves as the foundation and fundamental enabler of the We solutions portfolio.

Providing accurate data through instrumentation supplied by We Techs or integration with the client’s existing systems, it enhances 24/7 monitoring that prevents disruptions and maximizes results.

Centralization on a single platform minimizes operational distances, enabling limitless coordination.

Access operational statuses and critical information anytime, anywhere. Make informed decisions and optimize processes with WeApp Monitoring: your catalyst for operational excellence and forefront in supervisory control.

Experience the assurance of uninterrupted operations, the clarity of immediate data, and the capability to optimize every aspect of your industrial environment with WeApp Monitoring by We Techs.

Empower your operation in the palm of your hand

Operate and control your industrial operation from anywhere using a mobile device. Manage key tasks such as turning on pumps or closing valves, eliminating geographical barriers and enabling instant responses.

  • Precise Remote Control: Swift access to critical functions for efficient management.
  • Real-Time Decision-Making: Empower your team to make informed and timely decisions by interacting with industrial devices in real time.
  • IntIntuitive Interface: Smooth and user-friendly experience.
  • Comprehensive Security: Robust measures to safeguard operations and data.

Optimize your industrial operation with WeApp Control by We Techs. Streamline daily management, enhance efficiency, and elevate your decision-making to the next level.

Turning data into power

“Information is Power”, comes to life with WeApp Analysis. We empower our clients by transforming data into valuable insights.

  • Explore key indicators, access historical data, and create customized dashboards.
  • Download and cross-reference variables for in-depth analysis of historical trends and behaviors.
  • Expand your horizons and make informed decisions with WeApp Analysis, harnessing the power of information.

Empower your decisions with WeApp Analysis. Unlock valuable insights, shape informed strategies, and optimize your operational approach. The power of information is in your hands.

Unbounded surveillance

Our system enables customers to configure customized alerts for critical actions, such as equipment disconnections or low well levels, allowing for timely reactions and decisions.

Security is in your hands. Maintain constant control and peace of mind, responding promptly to vital conditions.

WeApp Alerts: Your Proactive Real-Time Guardian.

Efficiency in regulatory data communication

Enhance the transmission of monitored data. This solution is crucial for meeting the requirements of regulatory entities.

Efficiently, timely, and securely transmit critical information to various recipients:

  • Client’s server
  • Regulatory entities
    • Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels
    • Others


Our platform streamlines compliance with resolutions and decrees, ensuring your reports are accurate and timely.

Effortlessly meet regulations, maintaining transparency and compliance in your operation with WeApp Transmission from We Techs.

Visualize and manage your resources

Our pioneering solution enables the creation and visualization of energy balance with precision, leveraging monitored data. Our IIoT devices seamlessly integrate into monitoring points for comprehensive digital visualization.

Identify areas of efficiency and savings opportunities, making informed decisions for smarter energy management.


  • Real-time tracking of the energy balance of the operation.
  • Centralization of systems, facilities, and equipment.
  • Visualization of KPIs on dashboards tailored to the client’s needs.
  • Comparison and quantification of historical measurements and trends.
  • Evaluate inflows and outflows in real-time, providing a clear view of resource availability and usage.
  • Availability and analysis of information for operational and strategic decision-making.

Identify efficiency areas and cost-saving opportunities, making informed decisions for a smarter energy management.

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